Windows Terminal – ALT + Arrow Keys Not Working

Errors Seen

Using ALT + Any arrow key is not working in Windows Terminal, such as changing channel in Weechat, irssi and more.


This is due to Windows Terminal using these keybinds for it’s own thing, in this case, to move focus.


Copy and paste the below into your settings.json (Accessed through the drop down menu and pressing Settings or CTRL + ,), in the "keybindings" section.

{ "command": { "action": "unbound", "direction": "down" }, "keys": "alt+down" },
{ "command": { "action": "unbound", "direction": "left" }, "keys": "alt+left" },
{ "command": { "action": "unbound", "direction": "right" }, "keys": "alt+right" },
{ "command": { "action": "unbound", "direction": "up" }, "keys": "alt+up" }
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