SUSE – SSSD domain joining fails with error “Internal error” and “Details: host/port don’t match”

Errors Seen

Using yast2, when using the User Logon Management or User Logon and attempting to domain join, you will see an error like this:



This error has been seen when moving from samba domain join to SSSD as well as changing domains.

It is due to the cache having different information that is not being overwritten when attempting to join with SSSD, most likely the kerberos keytabs, although where exactly it is getting the wrong information from is a guess.

Solution (kinda)

Clear the domain cache. This is done in yast2 in the User Logon Management or User Logon, depending on the version.


Sometimes, this does not seem to be enough and you will have to install SSSD separately instead of making yast2 do it once it needs to do it.

sudo zypper install sssd

Having said all this, I have seen the above not work in more than a few situations and coming back a few minutes/hours later and suddenly it works. It seems to be more a yast2 issues than something else, as it is part of the resolver/resolving of the domain.

Troubleshooting have let to nowhere.

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